Experimental Evaluation of HIV/AIDS Ontology Construction Tools

Barbara Moeng, Yirsaw Ayalew, and Gontlafetse Mosweunyane


Ontology, FAQ Retrieval, HIV/AIDS Ontology, Security


This paper presents an experimental evaluation of five ontology construction tools that we are using for HIV/AIDS FAQ retrieval system. Ontologies have been widely used in natural language processing applications especially in question answering systems. As the construction of ontologies is a time consuming and error prone task, the use of tools would be very helpful. To compare the five tools a knowledge source on HIV/AIDS was collected from MASA Antiretroviral Therapy booklet which consists of 205 most frequently asked questions About HIV/AIDS and ARV Therapy. The booklet was prepared by the Ministry of Health in Botswana. The quality of the resulting ontology along with other features of the tools was evaluated. The attributes that we specifically looked at for each tool include file formats supported, concepts extraction techniques used, ontology visualization support, and ontology export formats. Based on the experiments we carried out, Text2Onto, which is the latest version of Text-To-Onto, is found to be most appropriate and will be used to construct the HIV/AIDS ontology for FAQ retrieval. Text2Onto, which integrates Text-To-ONTO and GATE provides ranking of terms, detecting changes in knowledge source, automatic update of ontology, and tracking modifications to ontology.

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