Power Distribution System Reconfiguration using Fast Non-Dominated Sorting Genetic Algorithm and Graph Theory

Awad M. Eldurssi and Robert M. O'Connell


Distribution system reconfiguration, Multi-objective optimization, Fast non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (FNSGA), Graph theory


Distribution system reconfiguration (DSR) is a multi-objective, non-linear problem. This paper introduces a new, fast, non-dominated sorting genetic algorithm (FNSGA) for solving the DSR problem in normal operation by satisfying all objectives simultaneously with a relatively short computational time. The goals of the project are to minimize real power losses, and improve the voltage profile and load balancing index with minimum switching operations. Instead of dealing with a single objective function while the others are formulated as constraints, as in the traditional methods, the FNSGA is applied to optimize all the objectives according to the operator’s wishes. Moreover, an adapted mutation operation is applied instead of a random one to speed up convergence. Radial topology is satisfied using graph theory by formulating the branch-bus incidence matrix (BBIM) and checking the rank of each topology. The algorithm is applied to two different systems, the IEEE16 bus and the IEEE 32 bus test systems. The results show the efficiency of this algorithm as compared to other methods in terms of both achieving all the goals and minimizing the computational time with reasonable population and generation sizes.

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