The Proportion of Resonant Doubly-Fed Wind-Energy Generation Dual PWM Converter

Yu-bo Duan, Hong-yu Shen, Ying-zi Yuan, Jian-jun Xu, and Jian-ren Wang


Doubly-fed machine, Double PWM converter, PR controller, Power decoupling


Double PWM converter is the control core of doubly-fed wind power system. The traditional control mode is at most combined with PI controller. Under the unbalanced condition of the power grid, PI control method is very difficult to guarantee control requirements. This paper used the PR (proportion resonance) control method. while the controller can guarantee the system without the static sent output and rotor side active power and reactive power decoupling control , it also saves coupling term and a feed-forward compensation, reduces the number of coordinate transformation, still can effectively reduce the power grid frequency offset influence the inductance current of the inverter output , so as to improve the control precision of the algorithm and the grid power quality. Through the simulation test and the results analysis, it verifies the feasibility and accuracy of the theory.

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