Analytic Model of Energy Sources Combination to Reduce Power Generation Variability

Massimo de Falco and Nicola Mastrandrea


Combination Model, Energy Sources Combination, Variability Control, Interdependencies Model, Variability Reduction


The increasing amount of renewables generation feeding to the grids is a new challenge to system operators who have to deal with higher unpredictability of net load variability and balance fluctuations. This work focuses on how to stabilize power generation through energy combination of fossil and renewable sources. To avoid an excessive combinatory analysis, the first part of the work explores current technology options to find out what energy sources are the most suitable for the purpose. The second part of the work identifies the most important “factors” that characterize an energy source and its combination. The third part of the work shows the proposed combination model that explains how to combine, evaluate and find the best combination. The application of the model with a specific case study is in the fourth part of the work. The last part analyzes the interdependencies among all the variables of the model to give a better understanding of the dynamics of the model and its results.

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