Impact of Hybrid Distributed Generation on Transient Stability of Power System

Paul K. Olulope and Komla Folly


Hybrid distributed generation, stability index, critical clearing time, Wind turbine


The present grid consists of mixed energy sources interacting with each other and with the grid. As a result the transient stability analysis should not be based on single source but on different sources. This paper presents the impact of hybrid solar-wind and small hydro distributed generation on transient stability of power system. Hybrid distributed generation with one or more renewable (stochastic) energy sources interact with the existing grid during import and export of power generation. This interaction contributes more fault current therefore making the system vulnerable to instability more than a single energy source. This study investigates the dynamic impact of hybrid converter-driven synchronous wind generation / PV/small Hydro power on transient stability. To investigate this impact, a detail modeling of grid connected wind / solar PV and small hydropower system with single machine infinite system is carried out. The simulation was done in DIgSILENT power factory software. The configuration of the proposed typical grid connected hybrid distributed generation (HDG) consists of hybrid Converter driven synchronous wind generation (CDSG), solar PV and small hydropower system. CDSG is integrated through PWM converter into the existing grid while the solar PV consisting of DC sources is integrated through PWM inverter and the hydro power is directly connected through a synchronous generator.

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