Algorithms of Functional (Cybernetic) Modeling for Solution of Power Systems Problems

Vasily A. Makeechev, Constantin V. Mikhin, and Oleg A. Soukhanov


Distributed Algorithms, Hierarchical model, Power flow, State estimation


In this paper algorithms for solution of power flow and state estimation problems based on the method of functional modeling (FM) are presented. An outline of the FM method is given in the first part of the paper. According to the FM method a power system is represented by hierarchical model consisting of systems of equations of lower (subsystem) level and system of equations of higher level in which only boundary variables of subsystems are present. The key element in the FM method is the notion of functional characteristic (FM). These characteristics represent subsystems on the higher level of model as black boxes, in which all internal constraints (equalities and inequalities) are observed. The simplest algorithm for obtaining a linear FC of subsystem from a system of equation is elimination of internal variables. Important advantage of the hierarchical FM algorithms is that results obtained by them on each iteration are exactly the same as results which can be obtained by basic one level algorithms, from which the FM algorithms are derived.

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