Simulation Analysis for Solar Array Output Characteristics on Stratospheric Airship

Kangwen Sun, Chunyang Liu, Gaoming Liang, and Ming Zhu


Stratosphere, Airship, Solar Energy, Simulation


As one of the key technic of achieving high-altitude and long-time flight, the airship energy system in stratosphere is always the important point but also very difficult. Combined with the airship geometric model, the sun position model and the sun perpendicular incidence model, aiming at a certain vested preliminary scheme of stratospheric airship, this paper presents an accurate simulation calculation of solar radiation and power output characteristic on the solar array by taking thin film solar arrays on the surface of stratospheric airship as the research object. The results show that the preliminary design meet the maximal flight energy-demand, meanwhile the influence of flight time, flight location, flight status and other factors on the output power of the solar cell arrays are proved. Moreover, the change of roll has a great influence on the design of stratospheric airship energy system compared with the change of heading and pitch, flight state should be aimed at on the further strategy analysis.

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