Overview of Carbon Dioxide Separation Technology

Marzieh Badiei, Nilofar Asim, Mohd Ambar Yarmo, Jamaliah Md Jahim, and Kamaruzzaman Sopian


CO2, carbon capture and storage (CCS), absorption, adsorption, membrane separation


One of the most urgent environmental issues of our time is to lower the concentration of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere by decreasing CO2 emission. Carbon capture and storage has been introduced as an option in reducing these harmful CO2 emissions. CO2 separation from gas streams has been done using a variety of physical, chemical and biological technologies and methods. These technologies allow large-scale CO2 separation in different industries including coal-fired power plants, refinery and fertilizer industries. Hence, this article reviews different separation methods, such as absorption, adsorption, and membrane-based separation. Other concepts, such as biological separation are also introduced.

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