PSO based DG Sizing for Improvement of Voltage Stability Index in Radial Distribution Systems

Haruna Musa and Sanusi S. Adamu


Distributed generation, Power losses, Voltage stability index, Particle swarm optimization, DG placement


Many power system operators and planners are facing serious challenges as DG penetration increases into the distribution networks. The situation is even more critical if the DG is not properly sited as such can lead to an increased power losses and instability of the network. Most objectives have centered on minimization of only real power loss for the system. In this paper optimal sizing of DG considers not only the losses but also voltage stability index value (VSI) so that voltage stability of the network is improved as well. The study also takes into account all the necessary constraints. The objective functions are handled as single multi-objective function, and was subsequently optimized using the proposed Particle swarm optimization (PSO) algorithm. The effectiveness of the algorithm was tested on IEEE 33-Bus test system and result obtained shows that the proposed method gives better DGs outputs and use of VSI values in the optimization has greatly improved the minimum VSI values of the network when compared to situation without it and the power losses did not increase appreciably. The study has also indicated that optimal DG placement has greatly improved voltage profile and voltage stability of the network as well.

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