Deadline-Adaptive Delivery of Real-Time Video Streams

Jun Liu


RealTime Media Streaming, Selective Retransmission, Datagram Congestion Control Protocol


Real-time video streaming applications have stringent requirement of meeting the latency constraints. Effective mechanisms are needed for supporting real-time video streaming at acceptable play-out quality in the existence of dynamic bandwidth, delays, and packet losses. This paper describes a cross-layer filtering mechanism which facilitates meeting the stringent requirement of decoding video frames before their deadlines. This mechanism is capable of removing video frames from transmission either when these frames missed their decoding deadlines or when they can not be properly decoded because of missed dependency. The filtering mechanism runs at both the encoder and the decoder. The decoder monitors the dependency among video frames in order to identify the frames that can not be decoded before their decoding deadlines. The filter on the encoder side is used to removes the defunct frames from transmission using the notifications sent by the decoder. By removing the defunct frames from transmission, the network congestion is controlled. Consequently, future video frames are made likely to meet their decoding deadlines under the stabilized network delay.

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