Fast FACE Routing Protocol for Shorter Delay Guaranteed Delivery in MANET

Tomokazu Ezaki and Hiroaki Higaki


Ad-Hoc Networks, Location-based Routing, FACE, GPSR, End-to-End Transmission Delay


FACE-2 is a location-based ad-hoc routing protocol with guaranteed delivery of data messages. Each intermediate wireless node requires not global topology information of an ad-hoc network but location information of only their neighbor and the destination wireless nodes to forward data messages. However, since the data messages tend to detour, their end-to-end transmission delay gets longer. In order for shorter delay transmissions, this paper proposes Fast- FACE in which copies of data messages are transmitted along edges of faces in both directions. It is expected for Fast-FACE to achieve shorter and stable end-to-end transmission delay than FACE-2. It also guarantees that all the copies of data messages not reaching the destination wireless node surely discarded. The preliminary simulation experiments show that copies of data messages cause longer transmission delay due to contentions. This paper also discusses improved implementation to solve this problem.

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