Shorter Delay Intermittent Communication based on Pseudo Speed Estimation in WSNs

Takanori Takehira and Hiroaki Higaki


Sensor Networks, Intermittent Communication, Routing


IRDT (Intermittent Receiver-driven Data Transmission) realizes low-power communication between neighbor sensor nodes is WSNs (Wireless Sensor Networks). This paper proposes combination IRDT-GEDIR of IRDT and GEDIR which is an on-demand location-based ad-hoc routing protocol. Here, for shorter end-to-end transmission delay, pseudo speed of data message transmission is applied for next-hop selection in an intermediate node and on-line determination of its next-hop node is realized by calculation of expectation of pseudo speed provided by its neighbor nodes which have not yet enter their active mode. Here, for estimation of pseudo speed through each neighbor node which is still in its sleep mode, a solution of the secretaries problem is applied. Finally, an evaluation of the performance of the proposed IRDT-GEDIR in one-hop andmultihop transmissions of data messages results in reduction of transmission delay.

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