Minimizing Execution Cost for Applications with Deadline and Reliability Constraint in Utility Grid

Li Wang, Shangping Ren, Shuhui Li, and Gang Quan


Utility Grid, Ant Colony System, Execution Cost Minimization, Heterogeneous Computing Resources


Grid computing has become a widely used approach to solving large-scale complex problem because of its powerful computing capability. For different computing resources in a grid, their price, capability, reliability, and availability may vary. When deploying tasks to computing resources, how to minimize the execution cost, and at the same time complete the task execution without violating the user’s constraints (such as deadline, reliability, etc.) is a challenging problem. In fact, it is a NP-hard problem. In our work, we provide an Ant Colony System (ACS) based approach to solving the task deployment problem. The experimental results indicate good performance of our ACS based approach over other traditional heuristic approaches.

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