An IP-based Real-Time Video Surveillance System

Michael Jiang, Weijian Liu, Bo Jing, and Xiaolin Kang


Distributed systems, communication networks, realtime systems, multimedia, video surveillance


Distributed multimedia-based surveillance has been commonly used for the monitoring and control aspects of many industry applications. These systems enable various multimedia sources to be transported, processed, and visualized with the requirement of real-time performance and synchronized visualization. In this paper, we presented an IP-based architecture for implementing large-scale and distributed video surveillance systems with real-time and synchronization requirements. The main contribution of our work lies in the distributed end-to-end flow control on top of an inherently unreliable and best-effort IP network to achieve real-time performance and the synchronization of media streams. Results from our studies showed that our distributed real-time systems were able to handle the processing of large number of multimedia sources and meet performance constraints.

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