Towards a Systematic Integration of MOF/UML-based Domain-Specific Modeling Languages

Bernhard Hoisl, Mark Strembeck, and Stefan Sobernig


modeldriven development, domainspecific modeling language, language composition, integration model, UML


In model-driven development (MDD), UML-based domain-specific modeling languages (DSMLs) are frequently used for specifying software systems. The integration of corresponding DSMLs is an important part of model-driven software evolution and maintenance. However, due to a wide variety of DSML design options, integrating DSMLs is a non-trivial task. In this paper, we discuss issues that may arise when integrating MOF/UML-based DSMLs and present a process model for the systematic integration of DSMLs to address some of these issues. In particular, we discuss different composition techniques as well as challenges that may occur in the different phases of DSML integration. In addition, we provide an example for the integration of two DSMLs from the security domain. With our process model we aim to provide a conceptual framework for the systematic integration of MOF/UML-based DSMLs.

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