Reusing Use Cases Specification in Information Systems

Mauricio Manoel Celho Junior, Maria Lencastre, Adriana Rodrigues, and Gilberto Cysneiros Filho


Requirements Engineering, Use Cases, Requirements Reuse, Requirements Visualization, Traceability


Software reuse on a large scale has been a goal of the software industry since the late sixties. Based on this idea, we did a survey with 38 companies to investigate the reuse practices in the Brazilian industry. The key finding of the survey was that requirement reuse is important, but it is not done very often in practice. The main reason for that is the lack of tool support. On the other hand, use case modeling is a popular and widely used technique for capturing and describing the functional requirements of a software system. The reuse of use case specifications within a specific area of knowledge, rather than building them from scratch, is a strategy that not only can increase the quality of the new specifications but also can help their construction. In this paper, a web-based tool that provides support for the reuse of use cases specification is presented to address this problem. The tool, called 4REuse, is evaluated through a social networking service case study.

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