Software in Greenhouses: Processing 3D Images of Plants and Climate Data in Horticultural Production

Frank M. Thiesing, Bernhard Lang, and Hans-Peter Römer


Data mining, software engineering, Code Clones, Software Metrics


Computers developed for the greenhouse climate regulation are mostly accepted, but often not used efficiently by the growers due to some problems: these computer systems do not monitor the historic data or the grower has no time to analyze the gained data manually. Furthermore, he can only evaluate the state of his plants by examining their outer appearance. The grower has no means of comparing objectively the current state of his plants with plants from the past grown in similar climatic conditions. The aim of this project is to establish a sound database of automatically collected climate and plant parameters. In order to evaluate this data, a web based platform is to be developed to display the data properly. Therefore, the data from different climate control units must be translated into a common neutral form. The parameters of plant growth, like height, are determined by image processing techniques.

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