Experimental Investigation of Static Deflection and Loaded Natural Frequencies of Stiffened Plates

Anirban Mitra, Prasanta Sahoo, and Kashinath Saha


Stiffened Plate, Static Deflection, Loaded Natural Frequency, multilinear rational function


Experimental studies on static and dynamic behaviour of stiffened plates have been furnished in the present paper. These experiments are conducted on a set up simulating clamped boundary condition with provision for applying uniformly distributed transverse load. Experiments are carried out for three different types of plates, one unstiffened and two types of stiffened plates, which are uni-axially single stiffened and bi-axially cross stiffened plate. The aim is to determine the static deflection under transverse uniform pressure and the loaded natural frequencies of the stiffened plate specimens. The results for the static experiment are presented as load-deflection plot, whereas, frequency results are provided in terms of backbone curves in non-dimensional plane.

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