Mathematical Modeling and Simulation of a Standalone Solar Thermal Organic Rankine Cycle with a Thermal Storage

Sasiri V.R. Gamage, Hanthanan A.K. Madhushan, Amarasinghage T.D. Perera, and Pubudu Kumarage


Organic Rankine Cycle , Solar Thermal Energy, Thermal Energy Storage, Standalone Energy systems


Mathematical modeling followed by a dynamic simulation of an Organic Rankine Cycle (ORC) assisted by solar thermal energy and thermal energy storage is taken into consideration in this study for a standalone application. N-Pentane was taken as the working fluid of the cycle and three different Phase Change Materials (PCM) were taken as the thermal storage. Dynamic simulation is carried out taking hourly solar insolation at Hambanthota, a southeast location of Sri Lanka (06°07′ N 81°07′ E). Results from the analysis depicts that seasonal variation of solar energy potential is having strong impact when coming up with the optimum collector area and capacity of thermal storage.

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