Multivariable Fractional Order PI Controller for Time Delay Processes

Cristina I. Muresan, Eva H. Dulf, and Clara Ionescu


Multivariable fractional order PI, Smith Predictor, Decoupling, Robustness


Fractional order calculus has been used intensively to control various types of processes, with a focus on single-input-single-output systems. A few design procedures for multivariable systems exist. This paper proposes a simple and effective method for designing a multivariable fractional order PI controller for systems with multiple time delays. The design procedure is based on a steady state decoupling of the multivariable system and on settling time and gain robustness specifications. To avoid the time consuming optimization routines for determining the controller parameters, an iterative procedure is preferred and used. The case study presented demonstrates the efficiency of the proposed control design, the closed loop system behaving robustly to significant gain variations ranging ±30%.

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