Robust Servomechanism Problem for Neutral Distributed Time-Delay Systems

Altuğ İftar


Control theory, robust control, neutral time-delay systems, distributed time-delay


An important ptoblem in control engineering is to design a controller which stabilizes a given system and achieves robust tracking of a reference signal despite certain disturbance signals. The present paper considers this problem, which is usually termed as the robust servomechanism problem, for linear time-invariant time-delay systems of neutral type with distributed time-delay. It is assumed that the reference and the disturbance signals satisfy a delay-differential equation, which is linear and has constant-coefficients and is of neutral type with distributed time-delay. Discrete time-delays, whether in the system dynamics or in the delay-differential equation satisfied by the reference and the disturbance can also be included. The present paper presents the necessary and sufficient conditions for the solvability of the robust servomechanism problem, as well as the structure of the controller when it exists, for linear time-invariant neutral time-delay systems with distributed time-delay.

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