Power Chopper Modelling using the Kron’s Method

Philippe Durand, Folla Boussandel, and Olivier Maurice


mechatronics, industrial engineering, kron's method, tensorial analysis


The aim of this article is to present the main aspect of an numerical implementation under the Kron’s method of a power chopper modelling developed by Denis Labrousse, Bertrand Revol and Franois Costa from SATIE laboratory, France. We name the model LRC. The Kron’s method is based on a tensorial analysis of networks (TAN). The aim of our study is to show that this method can be very efficient to compute serial chopper with one inverter arm through the LRC modelling, including a command law fsw(t) applied on both switchers. Once this work done, the TAN will allow us to easily add the other elements of the system: cables, battery, electrical machine.

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