Passive Dynamic Analysis: Motivation for Use and Method Extension

Joel S. Short, Aun-Neow Poo, Marcelo H. Ang Jr., and Chee W. Lim


Robot, Serial Link Manipulator, Passive Dynamic, Quality Assurance


The field of serial link manipulators can find great benefit from recently developed analysis and design methods in the area of passive dynamics. This paper first uses a literature review to outline an increasing emphasis in research and development towards greater use of passive dynamic methods. Second, a method extension allowing for passive behavior analysis of serial link manipulators, simulated on a two-link robot, will demonstrate the usefulness of such methods. The extension itself will allow for greater investigation into the passive dynamics of serial link manipulators, allowing for characteristics such as actuator efficiency and overall bandwidth capabilities to be analyzed during force and motion tasks. The information presented in this paper will contribute to the passive dynamic methods available as well as promote further investigation into the field of research.

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