Application of Bacteria Foraging Strategy for Short Term Hydro Thermal Scheduling Problem

Mariappane Egambaram, Thyagarajah Kuppusamy, and Sudhakaran Mahalingam


Hydrothermal scheduling, Bacteria foraging strategy , Local Search, Combinatorial optimization, Chemotaxis, Swimming


Optimization is an important term without which the field of engineering will not be existing. Power engineers will take many technical assessments at several stages of the power system operation. The ultimate objective of all such assessments is to either maximize the desired gain or to minimize the sweat or the cost required. This paper presents a new, bacteria foraging algorithm for solving the short-term hydro thermal scheduling problem. The proposed method is developed in such a way that a bacteria foraging strategy is acting as a base level search, which makes a quick decision to direct the search towards the optimal region and local searches are next employed to fine tune the search to reach the exact optimal solution. In order to validate the effectiveness of the proposed bacteria foraging algorithm in solving short-term hydrothermal scheduling problem, results were obtained for a test system with a hydro plant and an equivalent thermal plant for a time schedule of six 12-hour intervals. The results obtained by the proposed method are compared with other methods and they undoubtedly demonstrate that the proposed method is practical and valid for real time applications.

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