Automated Code Analyser

Hansini M. Fernando, Damith R. Kothalawala, Dilshan I. De Silva, and Nuwan Kodagoda


Automated Code Analyser, Software Metrics, Analysis of variance


Automated Code Analyzer is a software tool which is capable of providing an automated software metrics support for its users. It evaluates the quality of source codes and formulates schedule estimations according to a specified hierarchical metrics based model. It also generates Quality notices, analyses the results of metrics calculations, presents the system observations on a particular code and provide guidelines to resolve the problems observed by the system. The proposed software was designed based on four core metrics categories, namely Object Oriented, Complexity Oriented, Size Oriented and Maintainability Oriented. Unlike the existing metric calculators, this tool is capable of diminishing the problems that exists in the field of software engineering in addition to providing valuable information of a given source code using metrics.

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