Energy Efficient Cross Layer Hybrid MAC Protocol for Wireless Sensor Networks

Swapna K. Surendran and Kishana R. Kashwan


Cluster, Cross-layer, D-MAC, Hybrid MAC Protocols, Wireless Sensor Networks


Designing energy-efficient architecture can have a significant influence on the energy performance of wireless sensor networks. Such an architecture design consists of cross-layer approach to determine the lifetime of the network using optimal number of cluster selections in a high density sensor network. The MAC protocol designs of network keeps sensors in sleep mode to reduce energy consumption. In this paper, we propose an enhancement to existing architectural design by using novel Hybrid MAC protocol. This consists of Dynamic MAC (D-MAC) / TDMA MAC protocol. It is energy efficiency and has low latency MAC in wireless sensor networks. The enhanced protocol is simulated in MATLAB for performance evaluation. The simulation result show that Hybrid MAC protocol considerably improves the energy saving and latency to increase the sensor network lifetime. The proposed architecture appears to be promising and will require further research.

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