PV Cell based Converter for Robotic Applications

Rahul Vamanan and Swapna K. Surendran


PVcell, Boost converter, H-bridge, dsPIC, Digital control, Robots


A PV cell based converter for robot is presented in this paper .The proposed system in this project mainly consists of PV cell, DC-DC converter, DC motor, H-bridge and dsPIC controller. Here the electric power is generating with the help of solar energy. The dsPIC controller is used to send the gating signals to a driver which drives the Metal-Oxide-Semiconductor Field Effect Transistors (MOSFET), allowing the converter’s output to be kept steady at 48V and 24 W through pulse width modulation, even with a fluctuating input voltage and driving the H-bridge to drive the motor. The DC-DC converter is used to regulate and balance the power flow to satisfy the load requirements. Output voltage from a solar panel is connected to the DC-DC boost converter to obtain the constant power from the panel and the output of the converter is connected to the motor through a H-bridge. The proposed systems open loop tested through simulation and validated on real hardware the design presented here can not only be scaled to larger or smaller power capacities for a variety of applications but also be used for many other robotic applications.

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