Instrumentation for Micromechanics Research in Trabecular Bone

Ondřej Jiroušek, Tomáš Doktor, Daniel Kytýř, and Petr Zlámal


Trabecular bone, Human trabecula, Threepoint bending, Digital image correlation, Xray radiography, Finite element simulation


This article deals with description of instrumentation required for micromechanical testing of isolated trabeculae, the basic structural elements of cancellous bone. Process of tensile and bending tests is described in terms of development of the testing devices, challenges connected with the micro-scale testing and precision of the measurements. The paper covers the whole testing procedure from tissue harvesting, sample preparation, experimental procedure and data evaluation. Inverse finite element identification of elasto-plastic material model with damage based on three-point bending for simulation of deformation behaviour of trabecular bone is shortly discussed as well.

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