Using a Diversified Genetic Algorithm to Solve Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problems

AbdelMonaem F.M. AbdAllah, Daryl L. Essam, and Ruhul A. Sarker


Dynamic vehicle routing problem, Meta-heuristic, Genetic algorithm, Vehicle Routing Problem, Local optimal condition


The Vehicle routing problem (VRP) is a challenging research area in the logistics and transportation fields mainly due to its many different and difficult variants. One of these variations is the Dynamic Vehicle Routing Problem (DVRP), in which a problem varies as time passes. Recently, researchers have focused on solving DVRP using meta-heuristic techniques. This paper presents a diversified Genetic Algorithm (GA)-based approach for DVRP. The effectiveness of the proposed approach is evaluated using a set of DVRP benchmarks. As compared to the published results, the proposed approach performs better in minimizing the travel costs.

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