Determination of BESS Capacity for the Mitigation of Wind Power Fluctuation in the Jeju Island (Case Study)

Wan D. Kim, Min K. Jin, Hyun S. Kim, and Hwan E. Kim


Wind turbine generator system (WTGS), Wind energy, Smoothing effect, Capacity


This paper estimate the capacity of BESS(Battery Energy Storage System) for the mitigation of wind power fluctuation with the smoothing effect in the Jeju Island. For the study, three wind farms located in the east side of Jeju Island are adopted. Generally, BESS system is installed according to the capacity of each wind farms. In order to reduce the capacity of BESS with the same effect on the power system, the proposed method composed of a BESS system for several wind farms has been studied. To verify the effectiveness, two kinds of simulation are carried out with PSCAD/EMTDC program. The simulation results show that it is possible to decrease the capacity of BESS, approximately 21% than total capacity of three BESSs with each winds, respectively.

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