Smart Energy Monitoring using Off-the-Shelf Hardware and Software Tools

Mashuque Enam, Shaikh R. Hasan, Nafis A. Khan, and Hafiz Abdur Rahman


Smart Metering, Smart Grid, Energy Awareness


Smart energy monitoring has become an important engineering problem in the recent years. In this paper we presented a smart energy metering device built using popular Arduino microcontroller based open-source hardware and software platform. The energy meter keeps historical energy usage records and can display that with touch screen interface. Since the information is easily accessible, one can view the usage trends and changes energy usage patterns to save energy and money. Our approach of using an off-the-shelf hardware platform for energy measurement can give important advantage to the power industry. Anyone interested in energy measurement may use our technique to build a smart energy meter. In this paper, we discussed detail design and implementation of an Arduino Mega 1280 microcontroller based electricity consumption meter that records present and past power consumptions on a micro SD card.

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