Mitigation of Wind Power Fluctuation in Micro-Grid System during Grid and Islanding Mode with BESS Scheme

Mir N. Ambia, Ahmed Al-Durra, Cedric Caruana, and SM Muyeen


Microgrid, wind farm, power fluctuation


This paper represents mitigation scheme of wind farm output power fluctuation in micro-grid system during grid and islanded mode. The impact of mitigation technique using sodium sulphur battery energy storage system is investigated during grid and islanded mode of micro-grid system. A micro-grid system with wind farm and photovoltaic system is used for the investigation of the mitigation of wind farm output power fluctuation using real wind speed data. In this paper, the control strategy of the inverter and dc-dc buck boost converter used in the battery energy storage system is presented with fixed and variable reference so that the wind farm power fluctuation can be extenuated. To verify the effectiveness of the control scheme, frequency analysis of the wind farm is investigated during the islanded mode. The micro-grid system modeling along with the mitigation control scheme is simulated in PSCAD/EMTDC.

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