A Fuzzy based Load Shedding Scheme for an Islanded Distribution Network

Hazlie Mokhlis, Javed Ahmed Leghari, and Ab Halim Abu Bakar


Islanding operation, load shedding, fuzzy logic


A severe disturbance in a power system grid may lead to system blackout or network splitting. In this situation, an islanded distribution network can survive if it has effective load shedding scheme. However, the conventional load shedding technique may not work well to ensure the frequency remains stable in an islanded distribution network. Thus, efficient technique is required to respond fast in determining the accurate amount of load to be shed. This paper presents efficient load shedding strategy based on fuzzy logic for islanding operation of a distribution network and generator tripping in distribution network. The simulation results show that the proposed strategy satisfactorily stabilize the frequency during islanding operation and generator tripping events.

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