Review of Transformerless Inverter Topologies

Muh'd I. Alzoubi, Amanullah Maung Than Oo, and Salahuddin Azad


transformerless topologies, leakage current, modulation scheme


In the recent years, there has been a widespread trend in the use of the transformerless inverters in the single-phase grid-connected photovoltaic systems. This has been motivated by the low price, minor size, light mass, and great efficiency associated with them. However, when no transformer is used, common-mode voltage appears and leads to ground leakage current through the Photovoltaic parasitic capacitance to the ground due to the non-galvanic isolation configuration. This has lead to a main research focus on ways of minimizing or eliminating these leakage currents without influencing the efficiency of the system. Different topologies have been suggested to eliminate the leakage current in the transformerless grid-connected photovoltaic (PV) systems. In this paper, a review of these transformerless topologies is carried out, in regard to the leakage current for single phase. The benefits, in regard to each scheme, are outlined and their disadvantages explained.

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