Simple Control Strategy for UPF Power Conditioner of GSC Connected to Wind Turbine

Sangamesh Y. Goudappanavar, Raghuram L. Naik, and Suresh H. Jangamshetti


Permanent magnet synchronous generator (PMSG), Wind energy conversion systems (WECS), Generator side converter (GSC), Maximum power point tracker (MPPT), Hysteresis current controller


This paper presents a control scheme for an optimal extraction of power at unity power factor from wind turbine generator connected to DC load. The system consists of variable speed wind turbine coupled to Permanent Magnet Synchronous Generator (PMSG) through a gear box, Generator Side Converter (GSC) and a Maximum Power Point Tracker (MPPT). The proposed system employs hysteresis current controller to perform MPPT according to the reference speed obtained from power speed curve of wind turbine. The PMSG, GSC are modeled and tested in MATLAB/SIMULINK. It is observed from simulation results that, GSC extracts 72% of energy from wind turbine generator at rated wind speed of 8 m/sec. Further the performance of controller is tested for step change in wind speed from 8 to 10 m/sec. The tip speed ratio and power extraction is maintained at optimum value for the step change in wind speed. The system is also tested for daily and monthly wind data measured from 08/2011 to 12/2011 in Energy Park BEC, Bagalkot. Finally the proposed controller shows that has advantages of quick response, robustness, good current tracking accuracy and minimal current ripples.

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