Improvement of Power Quality at PCC through Grid Interfacing Photovoltaic System

Gitanjali Mehta and Sajjan P. Singh


Active Power Filter, Distributed Generation, Photovoltaics, Harmonics


Photovoltaic technology holds promise towards sustainable power generation, it being pollution free and using freely available solar energy. This paper presents the modeling, control and design analysis of a single-phase grid-interactive photovoltaic system with active filter functions. The main focus of this paper is to control the active power supplied by the photovoltaic distributed generation system while compensating harmonics and reactive currents caused by the nonlinear loads using shunt active power filter. Thus the same inverter is utilized as power converter to inject the power generated from the photovoltaic to the grid and to act as active power filter to compensate load current harmonics and load reactive power demand. The designed controller either regulates the power flow between the photovoltaic and the grid or works as an active power filter when solar energy is not available or performs both the functions simultaneously. Simulation in MATAB is carried out and results are obtained for different operating conditions with varying solar insolation and varying load demands to prove the effectiveness of the entire system.

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