Capacitor Bank Switching Transients in LV APFC Panels

Hebbale N. Nagamani, Venkatasubramanian Vaidhyanathan, Tangella Bhavani Shanker, Gurana Govinda Rao, and Viji Venugopal


APFC, Inrush current, capacitor switching, back to back switching, distribution system, transients


Automatic Power Factor Correction (APFC) panels are finding application in commercial and industrial installations due to certain advantages over fixed capacitor banks in providing power factor correction and consequent reduction in distribution losses. One of the practical issues associated with capacitor switching is the switching transients. This is of great concern since the capacitors in an APFC panel are frequently switched on and off in response to varying load conditions so as to correct the power factor to the target value. This paper evaluates the severity of switching transients in a 200 kvar, 440 V contactor switched LV APFC panel. Magnitude and frequency of inrush current during single switching and back to back switching with and without pre-insertion resistors have been investigated and reported.

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