Detection and Classification of Short Duration Disturbances

Meena Parathodiyil, Uma Rao Keshava, and Ravishankar Deekshit


Space vector, Positive sequence components, resultant space phasor, sag, swell, repetitive transient


The smart grid will be rich with technologies and devices that work at every level of power generation, transmission, and distribution. PQ meters, and system-wide PQ monitoring will indeed contribute to clean power reaching the consumer. Consumer participation is a distinctive feature that promises sustained maintenance of power quality. It is in this context that, fast detection algorithms for detection of short duration disturbances play a vital role in the functioning of monitoring devices. The objective of this paper is to explore a simple cost effective method for fast detection and classification of short duration voltage disturbances, including transients applicable to low voltage power supply systems. The concept of space vector representation of three phase quantities, is used and is found effective for detecting most short duration disturbance types without any time delay. The magnitude of the resultant space phasor when sampled, reveals a lot about the disturbance type. The information thus obtained, may be utilized to trigger a disturbance recorder or can even be used to trigger the operation of a power line conditioner or a dynamic voltage restorer.

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