Thermodynamic Analysis and Feasibility Study of the Organic Rankine Cycle Waste Heat Recovery System

Hoki Lee, Dongkil Lee, and Gunil Park


organic rankine cycle (ORC), waste heat recovery system (WHRS), diesel engine, energy efficiency, air cooler


The present work focuses on a thermodynamic analysis and feasibility study of ORC Waste Heat Recovery System (ORC-WHRS) for a marine diesel engine. ORC-WHRS with an engine was simulated and its performance was theoretically estimated under the various engine operation conditions and cooling water conditions. The working fluid, R245fa, was selected for the consideration of the heat source temperature, system efficiency and safety issues. The result shows electric power output of the ORC-WHRS was about 4% of the mechanical power output of the considering Marine Diesel engine. According to thermodynamic analysis, about 9~13% of system efficiency was performed with below 250 ℃of low temperature heat source.

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