A Design and Economic Analysis of Local Hybrid Power System in Rural and Remote Areas in Malaysia Perspective

Mohd Fauzi Mohamad Yusof and Abu Zaharin Ahmad


Economic analysis, Renewable energy, Solar technology, Hybrid system


Electricity is the common need for all people in this world. Malaysia as a developing country also cannot escape from this responsibility in order to supply electricity to the citizen. Rural areas give big challenges to the government to supply electricity due to geography condition. As a result the cost to setup and provide electricity to rural area is relatively high. Renewable energy is the best solution can be offer to the rural areas. Exploitation of this technology can give hope to the people that life in rural areas to have electricity. Electricity plays the most important factor in modern civilizations. In this paper, the analysis and design of hybrid system will be proposed as a solution to this problem. An economy analysis will be presented and the way of managing this energy will be explain. This technology can show the potential of renewable energy in Malaysia

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