A Novel Method to Optimize Rating of Irrigation Pump based on Crop Water Requirement

Basanagouda F. Ronad and Suresh H. Jangamshetti


Evapotranspiration, Crop factor, Suction and Discharge head


This paper presents a reliable electrical solution for the irrigation system. A new method is proposed to select optimum rating of irrigation pump. Ratings of the pumps are selected based on water requirement for the crops grown in the field. The suction and discharge heads offered to the flow of water in selected field are assessed. Further, the motor rating capable of pumping the required amount of water against the corresponding head is selected. Pump will deliver the calculated amount of water and hence rating will be optimum. The proposed methodology is successfully tested for selecting an optimum rating irrigation pump for a new field located in RARS Bijapur, Karnataka, India. Further, the technique is used to identify excess rating of pumps installed in 8 fields in Badanur, Karnataka, India. Results clearly show the excess installation in all cases studied. The proposed method helps in preventing excessive HP installation thereby saving energy. It is also useful for water management.

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