The Study of the Reliability Indices of Distribution Networks with VIT Smart Switches Installed on the MV Feeders

Mohammad R. Aghaebrahimi and Hamid Sharifian


Energy Not Supplied, MV Feeder, Rearrangement


In this paper, VIT smart switches are introduced and their effect on improving the reliability of distribution networks is reviewed on an actual feeder. The results of this analysis are compared with those of the network without this equipment and its effect on the reliability indices is presented. This is done through numerical calculations and network reliability index calculation with Failure Effect Analysis method (FEA). Because of the wide extension of distribution networks and since load points are dispersed and because of the large number of equipment used, this method of calculation is not applicable in large network cases and needs long calculation times and high costs, and even making mistakes in calculations is inevitable. Hence, in this research, a real feeder in a distribution network on which VIT smart switches are installed and are operational is simulated in DIgSILENT PowerFactory software package. The main advantages of this automatically operated equipment are: operate in loop rural network that are mountainous and impassable, fast network reconfiguration, reliability improving and no need for communication subtraction.

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