Torque Ripple Analysis with Loss of One or Two Phases of an Alternative Winding Layout for Five-Phase Induction Machines

Mbika Muteba, Adisa A. Jimoh, and Dan V. Nicolae


Fivephase induction machine, proposed winding layout, conventional winding layouts, torque ripple, harmonics


This paper presents an alternative winding configuration for five-phase induction machines with low ripple content. The proposed winding is achieved by mixing the combination of double and triple layer combined with coil side shift to other layer. The winding is designed as 2-pole and chorded with two slots. The winding is layed in 30 stator slots and the squirrel cage rotor has 30 bars. The machine is modeled using Finite Element Method (FEM). The harmonic content of air-gap flux density obtained from FEM is compared to harmonic components of the voltage induced in search coil of the prototype machine. The experimental time-domain torque profiles and its Fourier expansion of the proposed windings are compares with the conventional winding of the same coil span.

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