Pressurized Water Temperature Control of a Fresnel Collector Field-Type Solar Cooling System using Explicit Model Predictive Control

Kritchai Witheephanich, Juan Manuel Escaño, Antonio J. Gallego, and Eduardo F. Camacho


Constrained solar cooling plant, Model predictive control, Piecewise affine controller


This paper addresses the design of an explicit model predictive controller for the outlet water temperature control of a solar cooling plant system that uses a field of Fresnel collectors. Solving multi-parametric quadratic programs~(mpQP) to obtain explicit solutions to constrained model predictive control~(MPC) problems enables the off-line design before the MPC controller is implemented, e.g., on a standard programmable logic controller. The simulation result shows the feasibility of the proposed control design for such a system. This is implementable on industrial application-based hardware platforms where computational and memory resources are limited.

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