Genetic Algorithm based Robust Control for UPS Inverter Control

Piyapong Olranthichachat, Monthol Fak-aim, and Narong Trakul


FixedStructure Robust H Control, Genetic Algorithm


This paper presents a new technique for designing a robust UPS inverter controller based on the concept of fixed-structure robust controller and a mixed sensitivity method. The uncertainty caused by the parameter changes of motor resistance, motor inductance and load are formulated as multiplicative uncertainty weight, which are used in the objective function in the design. Performance weight is designed based on the closed-loop objective which is normally applied in H optimal control. Genetic Algorithm (GA) is adopted to solve the optimization problem and find the optimal controller. The proposed technique can solve the problem of complicated and high order controller of conventional H optimal control and also retains the robust performance of conventional H optimal control. Simulation results in a UPS inverter control system show the effectiveness of the proposed technique.

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