The Study of Effect of Equivalent Series Resistance for Buck-Boost Converter

Atip Jundee, Natchanon Chitsanga, Chaipitak Somkiatikul, and Somyot Kaitwanidvilai


equivalent series resistance (ESR), buckboost converter, Power energy system


This paper presents the study of effect of equivalent series resistance in buck-boost converter using system identification technique with a consideration of dynamic condition. By varying the input signal of the system, the output dynamic response can be achieved. The output is then analyzed and compared by using both software simulation and hardware experiment. Finally, the analyzed result is then used for identifying the transfer function of the converter. Furthermore, the effects of variation of equivalent series resistance (ESR) in capacitors to the performance of converter are studied. As seen in the results, the increase of equivalent series resistance will decrease the percentage of overshoot and rise time of entire response.

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