A BESS Supervisory Controller for Microgrid Performance Enhancement

Mohammad A. Ali and Abu H.M.A. Rahim


Battery energy storage, biogeography based optimization, distributed generation


Modeling, simulation and performance evaluation of an electrical microgrid with battery energy storage system are carried out in this article. A detailed dynamic model of a non-autonomous microgrid which has generation from photovoltaic, fuel cell, wind generation system and conventional inertial sources, along with their power electronic circuits and associated filters is developed. The simulations are performed to evaluate transient stability of the microgrid under various contingencies. A decoupled central battery energy storage controller is proposed as a supervisory control to improve system stability. The controller parameters were designed using biogeography based optimization (BBO) procedure. Simulation studies show that the BESS supervisory control is able to restore normal system operation to the otherwise unstable conditions

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