Design and Simulations of Mixed Transducing Circuits for a CMOS Microfluxgate Magnetometer

Chih-Cheng Lu, Jen-Tzong Jeng, Shih-Liang Chiu, Bo-Kai Chiu, and Wei-Zuo Liao


CMOS, microfluxgate, linear time-varying system, pole placement


This article presents design and simulations of transducing circuits for a novel CMOS microfluxgate magnetometer. The microfluxgate features dual-core material and two 3-D excitation coils formed by wire-bonding techniques and four planar pick-up coils. The transducing circuits consist of both excitation and sensing circuits and is the mixture of digital and analogous design. To obtain enhanced sensitivity of the fluxgate, the excitation and sensing circuits are designed based on the second harmonic extraction operation. The circuit layout and simulations including devices and the whole circuits have been completted using HSpice simulator. The successfully verified application specific integrated circuits (ASIC) can secure the future system integration of CMOS microfluxgate sensors.

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