Deployable Stratospheric Airship Dynamic Modeling and Characteristic Analysis

Binbin Zhang, Kemao Ma, Youyang Qu, and Jie Ma


Deployable stratospheric airship, Nonlinear model, Ascending process, Stability, Controllability, Propeller thrust


In order to reduce the weight of the stratospheric airship, we consider a new type deployable stratospheric airship that can be rolled out in the ascending process, and simulate the ascending process of the deployable stratospheric airship assisted by a high pressure balloon. In order to study the stability and controllability of the airship in the working condition, a six-degree-freedom nonlinear model of the deployable airship is established. In this paper, we build a simulation module of the nonlinear model, simulate and analyze the responses of the situations that the airship flies without disturbances, flies with the airflow disturbances and flies with the control inputs of propeller thrust. The simulation results show that the nonlinear model is reasonable, and the airship can return to stable state under airflow disturbances. They also show that the position and attitude of the airship can be controlled by vector thruster, but it takes a long time, and it may cause severe concussion if we only regulate the propeller thrust.

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