Estimation of Fuel Consumption and Polluting Emissions Generated during the Missed Approach Procedure

Alejandro Murrieta-Mendoza, Ruxandra M. Botez, and Steven Ford


Missed Approach, Go-Around, CO2., Emissions, Descent, Landing Approach


This paper proposes a new method for estimate the fuel burned and the emissions generated such as CO2 and NOx during a missed approach procedure. This method use information from the air pollutant emissions inventory guidebook created by the Emission Inventory Guidebook from the European Environment agency to perform the computations. The descend phase was separated in two different mode, one composed by climb, cruise and descent, and the other by the landing to takeoff mode. The calculations are made with the help of an interpolation polynomial for the mode in function of distance and with the flight time for the mode in function of time. Missed approach calculations can be used as a decision tool to select between the costs of different routes and determine the most convenient in devices such as the Flight Management System or by ground automated sytemst assisting flight controllers.

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